40-ish and 50-ish books“When She Turned 40-Ish” is an alphabetical narrative of twenty-six fashion-ating women as they reach their milestone 40-ish birthday. When Annette turned 40-ish, she wrote her memoirs on the back of a paper bag. When Ramona turned 40-ish, she tossed her “to do” list in the garbage and never looked back.

The sequel, “When She Turned 50-Ish,” was also inspired by the ironic, yet humorous happenings of friends who are turning 50-ish. Each book is an easy and entertaining read.

The books are perfectly-priced as a fun birthday gift for a girlfriend. They are also easy to drop in the mail. So, buy several…one for each of your friends turning 40-Ish or 50-Ish in the coming year!

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